OSPL Netherlands is a manufacturer and supplier of TEMPEST, Rugged and secure equipment to the Ministry of Defence and Government Agencies both nationally and internationally.

OSPL Nederland B.V. operates and manages a TEMPEST test facility according to guidelines states in ISO/IEC 17025, scope number L552. At our state of the art facility based in Eindhoven in The Netherlands we employ the latest TEMPEST technologies ensuring that the secrets of government and military organisations worldwide cannot be intercepted by electronic eavesdropping.

Latest technology

As part of its core capability, OSPL operates and manages a TEMPEST test chamber which is approved and supported by the Netherlands National Comsec Agency, [NL NSA].

Utilising the latest TEMPEST receiver technology, together with a current facilities qualification certificate, OSPL is capable of performing TEMPEST testing to the highest NATO and EU TEMPEST standards, SDIP-27/2 level A, B, C and IASG 7-03 respectively.

No matter where you are located, OSPL, together with its partner network and subsidiary in the United Kingdom can provide you with a comprehensive range of products and services to meet today’s challenging environments.

OSPL manages and operates a TEMPEST test facility according the guidelines stated in ISO/IEC 17025, scope number L552 and is therefore a NATO SDIP-55 accredited company – we are listed on both the NATO NCIA and EU websites as “Approved TEMPEST Suppliers”. OSPL operates to the highest standards of quality assurance and project control. It has professional managers and engineers trained in tightly monitored operating procedures necessary to meet the most challenging of customer requirements.

We also provide

In addition to its range of Rugged and TEMPEST equipment, OSPL also provides:

  • TEMPEST test services

  • Security Consultancy

  • Installation and Maintenance services

Qualifications & Certifications